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 Green jie 330# solid multi-function cleaning cream  58yuan  330#

             Product introduction: green jie dmc2 solid universal clean anointed is following green jie daily necessities Co., LTD in 2007 to market and high-tech products, it with natural coconut oil as the main raw material with green environmental protection (non-toxic, no corrosion and odorless), are very cleansing, sterilization, glazing waxes, water-saving quarter with unique advantages, this product has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication, enterprises and institutions and the modern family is the most ideal daily cleaning products.

Pure natural essence raw material, leading biological engineering technology, make green unclean of coconut oil plant molecular quickly adsorption in the lampblack dust bacterial membrane, more because of coconut oil plant molecular has cationic sex, it and bacteria or viruses membrane anionic sex phospholipids mass has not only friction adsorption, and by electrostatic attraction, have a follow-up effect, make dust lampblack dirt quickly make fat membrane dissolved and achieve a wipe clean, immediate! Green jie cream brought you a fresh beautiful house price; the unified national 69.8, quantity is with preferential treatment

Baby no functional water, dry scraping, clean decontamination, sterilization, health, environmental protection, water saving, time saving, etc

Use scope: clean computer, printer, duplicator, electronic screens, air-conditioner, instrument, telephone, mobile phone, smoke lampblack machine, TV, other electrical appliances and leather sofa, automotive leather seats, handbags, leather, office platform, wooden floor, dining table, furniture, kitchen clean wall, remove oil, remove YuanZhu handwriting, ink, etc, convenient and quick, widely used in home, the company, Internet bar, schools, Banks, hotels, enterprises and institutions

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