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 Multifunctional high-grade glazing fluid  39yuan  

Product introduction:

1. The sofa sedentary hind often should gently fold seat wig place and brim restorable, reduce due to sit centered and appear mechanical fatigue micro cave phenomenon.

2. Placed leather sofa when should stay away from heat objects, avoid sun direct illuminate bring about leather dryness and fade

3. If leather with dirt, first using this product dermal sofa clean anointed is wiped, reoccupy soft cloth is wiped dry can, use before can be first in inconspicuous corner to try.

4. Leather is an animal's body skin, need often maintains and nursing, suggest dermal sofa weekly DouBenYong with soft cloth green jie high-range special waterless cleaning care cream graze once, reoccupy sofa maintain anointed nursing effect is better.

Function: glazing, maintenance, breathable, colour and lustre is the full, not peeling, no hardening, not wrinkle, nourishing leather and prolong its service life, let leather surface to form an invisible protective film.

Usage: apply proper amount to paste evenly to open small area, then quickly with dry soft cloth to be the best lighting the brightness.


1. With cover tightly, and store in a cool, dry place preservation.

2. Prevent children swallowing

Use scope: dermal sofa, leather, leather, leather shoes, leather, leather, plastic, glass, leather products, auto leather cushion, computer and speakers

Functional features: the product adopts imported international top natural raw material, by LV lab

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