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 Bathing care flower is aspersed  188元  洗澡保健花洒

Nano vigor son turn ordinary clean water activation into contains a lot of negative alkalescent slants small cluster of water. Ms tomalin flower is aspersed can promote skin collagen regrowth, restrain acne, soften corneous layer, and form a protective film on the skin surface, at the same time you delight skin care products and cosmetics role will be more outstanding.

1. Ms tomalin flower is aspersed purification function: water filtered, adsorption, reduction and can effectively remove after magnetization water harmful to human body "residual chlorine" and chlorine organic compounds; Also can remove nitrite such harmful inorganic.

2. Ms tomalin flower is aspersed activation function: using composite structure will be natural gem functions such as material are placed in a magnetic field, cause of thermoelectric, piezoelectric effect and firing far infrared make water molecules activation. Water macromolecules regiment decrescent, interface active strengthening, can promote skin blood circulation, improve skin micro circulation and metabolism, leave skin burnish moist elastic.

3. Ms tomalin flower is aspersed mineralization function: rely on natural mineral qiqi ice stones, maifan stone etc. Function materials in the water, slightly soluble calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper and so on sodium, mineral ion to be released. People not only can enjoy spa bath feeling, and mineral bath be beneficial to human body health and skin hairdressing.

4. Ms tomalin flower is aspersed magnetized function: water cut in field under the function can also be activation. Animated water infiltration subcutaneous can improve blood circulation and cutaneous microcirculation, can rise to remove blood stasis, eliminate fatigue effect.

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