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 Small detergents the ball  80元  小号

Sen can merchant laundry balls is dongguan sen can care products Co., LTD for chemistry washing banns research and development of a kind of high-tech products, it has physical washing decontamination, kill bacteria, bleaching, complaisant etc comprehensive washing effect, has applied for a number of national patent protection. This series of products contains a variety of different function of energy by natural mineral form the core, and adopts high-tech is made and be become. The product does not contain chemical cleaning ingredients, no damage to human skin, no stimulation to the skin, does not damage clothings, not faded, not produce static, washed clothes complaisant fleeciness, no chemical residue, especially for pregnant women, children, more safety. The national related department to examine, this series of products decontamination ratio reaches the national BiaoZhunFen 1.2-2 times, the sterilization rate can reaches 99.99% (see box specified).

[physical washing principle.

Laundry balls of natural mineral ball release powerful far infrared, its wavelength heat the water molecules of hydrogen structure disconnected, make water molecules regiment change, water molecules for group becomes active after exercise, super penetrating prompted fiber of dirt fall off naturally, thus reach soak efficacy and washing efficacy, at the same time as the release of anion, make its surface tension of the water, and then put the interfacial tension reduce dirt removed and test of fiber proved, need not washing powder also can achieve natural environmental protection of washing and efficacy.

[decontamination test results.

Sen can environmental laundry balls than with the standard of washing powder biggest decontamination ratio is the national standard 2.0 times. (refer to "chongqing measurement quality inspection institute's 2006 chongqing qualitative inspect check words - 0001 test report"),

[sterilization test results.

Remove moderate sen can merchant brand environmental laundry balls soaked after 40 minutes of water, placed in NMR sample tube, the temperature ℃ conditions, using 25 - O NMR spectrometer, spectral peak half peak for 47.59 HZ, this water belong to active water, molecular mass changed, penetration for ORC p 2000; In microbiological and cultured cup, 10 minutes later, under the microscope observation results for: microorganism and bacteria mortality rate of 99.99%. (referring to the national drug and metabolic product analysis research center CADM - 08-216 - NMR - 035 test report "),


The laundry balls into the washing machine or submerged in water basin, more than 30 minutes (one hour with better effect) or by washing clothes are brought together in, can according to conventional catharsis means to start washing. After use, the ball will be pulled out to dry can. Once a month to recommend the use after drying laundry balls in the sun, but more lasting produce effect.

[service life]

Recycling at least 1.8 times, sterilization function can be played for 2-3 years, it is recommended to use a year later replace new ball.

[product advantages]

Save water save electricity - no chemical detergent composition, save repeat rinsing process, a single rinsing can.

Save money environmental protection -- different efficacy laundry balls collocation is used, need not use microbicides, softener and other auxiliary products, after washing water can also be used to water the flowers purposes.

[suitable scope]

Suitable for family daily washing clothes, suits the FuYing and skin sensitive crowd.

[] contains natural mineral material for environmental protection, shell ball xiangsu materials.

[shelf-life] 5 years

[production date] see packaging


-- don't will different color easy faded clothes together catharsis.

This product can not bear - 80 degrees Celsius above high temperature in drying clothes before, please make the goods remove.

- laundry balls use early may have slag grains drop, this is the ball inside small mineral ball production process of residual mineral clastic, just shook the can.

- this clarification narrative is laundry balls series products include all contents, this box products please click appearance is controlled the corresponding product introduction.

-- don't products will be open to avoid eating methanols children.

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