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Company introduction  
   按此在新窗口浏览图片Dongguan green jie daily necessities Co., LTD was founded in March 2006, dongguan word made by ShuAiJun and enterprise registration service Co., LTD. Invested, the registered capital of 500,000 yuan, is the r &d, production, sales for the integration of high-tech chemical enterprise.

The main brand "universal cleaning products", since release, has been praised by customers, cause social tremendous echo. At present the company performance day and national distribution situation has spread, true called for a brighter. Only 1 year 2007 set eight branches and has established a nationwide WuDianPu marketing network. Unified management, unified training, unified distribution, unified plain code marks a price, uniform after-sales service marketing model, make marketing coverage area expanded rapidly, marketing team developed rapidly. 2008 has realized profit doubled.

Of course, do channel construction etc. "hardware" at the same time, we also do not forget to do our "soft environment". For the convenience of each agent, business, I companies more at showering completes the official website (www.LJRYP.com) of construction, is currently with a brand new look on the Internet, strive for keeping pace with The Times, with people together joy. For expanding our brand influence, and we have not hesitate heavy gold in the world famous "Yellow River fashion city" placed a President personally speak of large-scale advertisement picture, every day thousands of times has transcended the attention of popularity. For the majority of Internet users to snare more, we and the addition of taobao, alibaba, hc360.com, yes, tencent clap a series of domestic quite influential member online, convenient netizens according to own e-commerce purchase our products. All this in in full swing in progress, wind waves will sometimes, obtain thepractice the.

The development of the company ", ", it was also follow until the "people-oriented" this eternal theme. Regard customer as the center of the ideal of service marketing team construction is the key to the development of the company, so whatever in actual work, or in the cultural life, our company attaches great importance to staff training for enterprise centripetal force and cohesion, provide a personal value realization the opportunity to improve the quality of employees, shaping a service customer-guided enterprise culture, with the first-class service standard treat customers. At the same time, the staff will also be provided by the company development platform rapidly promote your talents, the accumulation of his wealth.

Factory address: guangdong dongguan humeng ShaJiao phoenix industrial area.

The company appearance business address: dongguan humen town enterprise avenue ninety-seven.

Company official website address: www.LJRYP.com



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